Getting to Know Malta


We are inviting you to spend your summer holiday 2017 in Malta and recommend that you come the weekend of the 1st of July through to the 12th. Malta lies at the heart of the Mediterranean. A description both metaphorical as it is literal, it’s strategic location has made it the jewel in the crown of Empires for centuries. Now resolutely independent and positioning itself as the centre of Digital Europe, Malta’s technological advances belie a breathtaking backdrop of history, culture and entertainment.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to The Follow the Entrepreneur Investor Summit, our 2 day event running 9th / 10th July. In the week running up to this Mediterranean showcase of “The Future of” Keynotes, Investor networking and Entrepreneurial match-making, we are preparing an exciting range of events, get togethers, and suggestions for great ways to spend a Summer holiday that genuinely mixes business with pleasure.

Malta has an incredible history that we hope you will explore whilst you are here on the island.