Investor Summit Malta 2017 – Agenda

Malta – The Natural Capital of the Digital Transition
of the Greater Mediterranean

The Summit – 9/10th of July 2017, Westin Dragonara Malta

Counter intuitively, some of the richest natural systems (e.g. rainforests; reef systems; desert-oasis) are in the harshest, low-nutrient environments. Surviving and thriving requires sophisticated symbiotic yet competitive relationships between ecosystem members to share and recycling limited resources, to find a viable role and to build on each other’s achievements. Start-up Davids are resource-poor and endangered by many threats. If they “go it alone” very few of them become the Unicorns or achieve rich buy-outs by Goliaths. Less than one percent of start-ups get to the Venture Capital stage, and only one out of ten VC-funded start-ups makes a return high-enough to compensate all of those failures.

In such a harsh environment the smart Venture Capital invests in Davids growing up in ecosystems which promise to dramatically boost those economics.

The 7th Follow the Entrepreneur Investors’ Summit again brings Investors into an environment where Ecosystem Economics is the catalyst. Which Ecosystems are most promising for European Davids? Which Davids will win big; in which sectors might Goliaths slaughter the Davids, and which Davids will happily get eaten up by hungry Goliaths?

Join our exploration on 10th July, kicked-off with a Gala dinner on 9th July. And for those who wish to profit from the summer joys of Malta, we are also planning a prior week of sun-down practical demonstrations of how ecosystems have changed both economics and history!

Session Previews

The Future of Connectivity/Communications/Telecoms

In 1984 the telecom world was 1% of 1st world GDP, dominated by national monopolies (Goliath dinosaurs), mainly Government owned. It was based on internationally agreed standards so every phone could reach every other phone, but less than half of households had a phone.

Then it got hit by the ‘ations: deregulation, liberalisation, privatisation and internationalisation. And “mobile” started. In almost every nation several new entrants appeared, and to survive the Goliaths set up arms-length mobile subsidiaries.

100% of Goliaths and start-ups became billion-revenue companies within a few years, and survive today, although consolidation may disguise them as units within fewer, much bigger multinational Goliaths. It is now the Connectivity world, encompassing infrastructure, handsets, content, media etc. and makes up more than 4% of the Global GDP – there are more handsets than men, women, children and babies on the planet. Common standards mean every device can communicate with any other.
Are we about to start a third cycle? Is IoT (internet of things) and/or 4G The Next Big Thing or just big things? Will Davids or Goliaths or both emerge as the winners? We will ask a Goliath, an OTT (over the top) and a David their perspectives, taking examples such as 4G, IoT, “digital dust”, VR and other potential disruptions.


Other Sessions will include:

  • The Future of Mobility, Shipping & Logistics
  • The Future of Digital Identity Management
  • The Future of The EU & Malta
  • The Future of Transportation
  • The Future of Security
  • The Future of Energy
  • The Future of Retirement
  • The Future of Banking/Financing of Our Lives
  • The Future of Luxury Hospitality
  • The Future of Art

Full session details will be published as they becomes available.


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JULY 9-10 2017