Ariadne Capital

Ariadne Capital is an investment firm, founded in London UK in 2000, by Julie Meyer MBE, which builds Ecosystem Economics based firms.

Ariadne Capital has a unique asset of ‘seeing the future’ through our hundred + monthly deal flow, which we aggregate into a vision of how the future will unveil itself. We aggregate the visions of the entrepreneurs we work with into a system-level understanding of how the future will unroll.

Because of the discontinuity that technological change brings, you can’t get to the future from the present linearly or simply. You have to start with a new set of fundamentals, that ‘clean sheet of paper’ that every entrepreneur starts out with. By asking ‘How should this industry work?’, and ‘How do I drive the profitability of the industry not just of my company?

We help design a different view of the world – we work out ways to analyse existing industries and figure out what a new new world looks like – we create a future of how an industry may operate – not just by issuing from on high edicts and blueprints, but by creating the conditions and facilitating the co-design and building of this new world, these new industries, the future by the large and small firms, and most importantly by individuals. We call those uber engaged in the co-design: ‘Citizens’. Entrepreneur Country is our platform for bringing Digital David’s and Industrial Giants together to model and deliver future states of their businesses.

Through a platform of strategic investments and events our mission is to champion Entrepreneurs who have the vision to change the economic value of new and existing markets.