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Follow the Entrepreneur Investor Summit Malta 2017

Having hosted the Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit 6 years at the Four Seasons, Hampshire, UK, Ariadne Capital is bringing this Summit to Malta this 9th and 10th of July at the Westin Dragonara to showcase Malta. In a post Brexit world, we will show that Malta is a very effective post-Brexit base.

This is an opportunity for the leading businesses and investment firms of Malta to contribute to and benefit from the Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit Malta 2017.

Due to its legal and fiscal systems, Malta has always been able to enable the running of remote businesses out of Malta such as shipping. Ariadne Capital is an example of this type of on ground, but remote impact business as we will run its Plug and Play Ecosystem Economics® Investment Platform out of Malta, investing across the EU’s 508 million people.

Malta has become a leading gaming centre which has brought significant numbers of international people to the Island.

The Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit Malta 2017 will showcase to hundreds of new investors that the island is ripe for both types of businesses to be run out of Malta. Ariadne Capital will be inviting the following groups to attend the Summit:

  • Angel investors in young, fast-growing start-up businesses which are leveraging enabling technologies
  • Corporate investors
  • Pension funds
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Venture Capital firms from across the EU and the US
  • Hedge Funds from NY and London



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JULY 9-10 2017