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Follow The Entrepreneur 2017 is an invitation only investor summit, taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire, UK.

Organised by Ariadne Capital, the seventh Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit will address the leadership role of entrepreneurs in changing the way we live and the transformational impact that they have on all aspects of society.

Follow The Entrepreneur is unique because its starting point is:

  • Society works best when it is organised around the entrepreneur/the industrialist/those men and women who understand the future and are living abnormal lives to bring it to the present;

  • Technology is no longer an industry; it’s a layer providing growth and driving prosperity; and

  • Capital Follows Ideas – always has, always will.

Since its launch in 2010, Follow The Entrepreneur has rapidly established itself as one of the key events on the calendar and a must attend for those interested in learning more about new opportunities for investment.

The day offers an unrivalled opportunity for partners to engage with some of the leading authorities in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, access to 200 serial entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, family offices, VCs, private equity firms and C-level corporate executives aiming to initiate various partnerships from raising money, investing in companies who are prime candidates for IPO’s and other corporate finance transactions.

If you are an investor or an entrepreneur and would like to attend the 7th Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire in the UK, please send an email to rsvp@entrepreneurcountry.com

2017 Annual Investor Summit

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